Unique Maui Entertainment
for Parties, Weddings, Private Events, Product Launches, Resort Banquets, Fundraisers, etc….

Human Tabletop

Dazzle minglers adorned in costumes that match your party theme will delight your guests posing for photos and creating a fun and uplifting presence with their attitudes and outfits. Custom characters also available.

stilt walkers

Stilt Walkers

Incredible professional stilt walkers will stroll your party creating an awesome and memorable time! Maui stilt walkers outfits can be crafted to match any party or wedding theme with advance notice & additional cost.

maui bellydancer

Belly Dancers & Flow Dancers

These graceful and talented dancers taking flow arts seriously! They train and practice constantly to perfect this impressive artform. Performers may use poi balls, hula hoops, fans, etc. Solo and group flow acts available as well as ‘glow shows’ using LED flow toys!

dazzle princess and miss maven

Victorian-hoop Skirt Divas

These characters make a big impression. Victorian-hoop skirt characters can be Princesses, classic iconic characters such as Glinda the Good Witch (above), etc! These characters fit the holidays well and make a big impression!

real beard santa

Santa’s Helpers & Holiday Elves

Holiday helpers characters are perfect as Photo Helpers and Strolling Gift Tray Girls — cruising around with trays offering treats and gifts and posing for photos. We have a variety of costume options, please see photo samples.

maui minglers

Silver sequin or gold sequin minglers

Typically booked as Photo Helpers & Strolling Tray Girls. Dazzle minglers fit a festive theme and people love taking photos with the “bling girls.”

maui performer lollipop aerial lyraLollipop Lyra

Graceful aerial hoop performers create a dramatic and exciting show for guests.

glitter facepainterFace Painters, Henna Artists, Temporary Tattoos & Glitter Bar

Book Maui’s best face painters and henna artists. All materials are cosmetic-grade. 

party tarot readingsFortune Tellers, Psychics & Readers

Intuitive Tarot/card readers are very popular with guests. Please provide a small table and two chairs per station. Book a fortune teller for your next party and see what happens!

Custom Characters

Describe what you’d like to see and we’ll provide a price to include it. Our Talent team has a wide arsenal of costumes, so we can check with them, and we also have enough time to create new costumes if we’re lacking the specific character you prefer.

paparazzi minglers

Paparazzi Minglers

Paparazzi minglers stroll the party armed with Fujifilm Instax cameras to mingle with guests and snap instant photos. Guests love these mini photos! Mini photos are sized similar to a business card. If you like this option, we ask how many guests you expect so that we bring enough film.

Maui door prize helpers

Strolling Candy Girls & Tray Services

strolling human tabl

party minglers

Minglers stroll casually through the crowd offering an assortment of small treats and gifts. There are tons of options to customize this! You can offer an assortment of candies, chocolates, snacks or small trinkets to fit your party theme. During the holidays, we suggest serving candy canes and holiday treats. You can request specific brands and products as well. Candies are individually wrapped and our girls will also collect the wrappers. Options – You can provide the treats or we can. Pricing starts at $200 for candy trays. Cost is based on total number of prizes requested. We recommend coverage allowing each guest 1-2 small treats or more.

new years eve entertainment

Strolling Champagne Lady

This incredible and unique offering provides your party with a live entertainer who stands inside a Victorian-belle skirt that holds 68 champagne flutes in which you can serve a variety of liquids, as well as dessert parfaits. We can also serve cupcakes, cake pops, or serve 68 gift bags/giveaway items for your guests as presents.

bodypaint model

Bodypaint Models & Models

We have several lovely models available for promotional events as well as bodypainted characters that can be painted in a palette and imagery to match your theme. Body paint models wear complementary costume attire to match the theme.


Our contortionists are bendy babes who can do amazing things on land and in the air!

Dazzle Entertainment offers ready-to-go strolling characters.
Below are more popular themes and characters available for party entertainment on Maui!

  • Garden: Butterflies, Fairies, Birds, Insects, Flower, Plants
  • Flappers / Great Gatsby
  • Black + White / other distinct color combos
  • Witches, Wizards, Magicians
  • Movie classics: Star Wars, Harry Potter, Superheroes, Rocky Horror, Disney, Wizard of Oz, etc
  • Caveman, Primitive, Flintstones
  • Cowboys & Cowgirls

We have white feather fans and we offer characters wearing ISIS wings in red, gold, silver, black, iridescent white, green, blue, and purple. Isis wing characters are best suited for outdoors and wide open spaces.

feather fans performer Isis Wings Maui Dancer Performer for Events



Hawaiian shirt Santa Claus

  • Performers are entitled to a 5 minute break per every hour of mingling. Water should be available for performers when needed.
  • Characters typically require advance booking of at least 2 weeks to coordinate talent & outfits.
  • For last minute Maui talent bookings, please inquire about date/time and ideas, and we’ll see what we can do.
  • We make every effort to accommodate requests. If we are unavailable, we may be able to recommend other Maui talent sources.