strolling champagne

Strolling Champagne, Cocktails, Drinks & Desserts

Showcase the incredible Strolling Champagne Diva at your Maui wedding or celebration featuring your favorite beverages or desserts!

Our Strolling Champagne Entertainer is a unique Maui party service that provides a fabulous costumed entertainer inside a Victorian-inspired strolling service skirt from which your guests are regaled with a variety of treats. The Maui Champagne Skirt serves 68 items per service round and can be refilled with:

🌟 Champagne
🌟 Wine / Cocktails
🌟 Cupcakes / Cake Pops
🌟 Dessert Parfaits
🌟 Goody / Gift Bags

Recommendations for Offering Gifts, Treats and Libations to your Guests using Maui’s Strolling Skirt:

🍸 Cocktails / Champagne Service

Dazzle Champagne Showgirl service does not include stemware or beverages. Client is responsible for pre-arranging beverage service and stemware with venue host or party planner. Please contact us to inquire if you anticipate needing glassware or beverage service. We will help you partner with one of our bar/liquid catering specialists.

🛍 Goody Bags / Gift Service

Goody bags can be filled with a variety of small gifts, including a variety of locally-made, island-inspired products, such as Maui-made medicinal salves & tinctures, organic or traditional candies, jewelry, island soaps and skincare products, etc. Contact us for more info & pricing for gift bag service.

🍭 Cupcakes / Cakepops / Desserts

For cupcakes and cakepops, typically Dazzle will manage the purchase and delivery of the desserts for the event. The client will pick the dessert colors, flavors and design. In some cases, someone else (catering company, wedding planner or venue) manages the cupcake/dessert order and delivery, and Dazzle only delivers the Champagne Showgirl with Skirt.


Multi-Course Servings & Party Ideas

🌟 One Course – Choose from: dessert, cocktails, champagne, or gift bags that guests keep.
🌟🌟 Two Courses – Choose any two: dessert, cocktails, champagne, gift bags.
🌟🌟🌟 Three Courses – Choose any three: dessert, cocktails, champagne, gift bags.
🌟🌟🌟🌟 Four Courses – Dazzle your guests all evening with our signature 4-course party package with cocktail service, champagne service, cupcake/dessert service, and a goody bag/gift for each guest. Prices vary with add-ons.