Catering Queens

The best champagne toasts stroll into the party delighting your guests

You’ve got to see the Champagne Diva to believe it! She’s a one-of-kind special catering character who inspires “ooohs and ahhs” from guests across the island. This incredible serving skirt holds 68 items. Fill her with champagne stems for the perfect romantic champagne toast at your Maui wedding. Or fill her with cake pops for a fun birthday party. Your options are nearly unlimited!


30 minutes | 1 hour | 1.5 hours | 2 hours

HUMAN TABLES: Our premium human table entertainment line is only available on Maui at this time. All human centerpiece bookings include a fabulous costumed entertainer to match your party theme & colors. We offer strolling tables for fundraisers, stationary tables for food and drinks, and our iconic Strolling Champagne Diva which can serve a wide variety of liquids and desserts, as well as gifts for guests to take as they exit your event. Please inquire with your date and we’ll set up a call to start planning!


You may choose from our existing costume inventory or you may request a new costume design. Our costume team will mock up and create a new costume for your special event as part of your booking. We require 30 days advance booking with pre-payment for custom outfits. Due to the nature of shipping and materials sourcing on an island, we prefer 60+ days lead time for custom costumes and multiple costume orders. We appreciate your understanding. 


  • Champagne Diva – Cocktails / Champagne / Dessert
    Slow strolling on hard surfaces / stationary on grass or sand
  • Large Round Human Table Centerpiece
    Ideal for food & drinks. Food must be in containers.
    Typically Stationary however it can roll slowly on flat surfaces
  • Medium Round Strolling Human Table
    Ideal for flyers, rack cards, small items.
    No food/drink