bodypainted statues

Maui Entertainment Company Hiring

Our Maui entertainment company is hiring in a variety of fun roles. We’re currently interviewing performers, dancers, models, and costume designers to join our team.


  1. Independent contractor performers may be required to possess valid performer insurance for some bookings. Please contact us with any questions regarding insurance. (Purchase online:
  2. Must be 21 years old for some gigs.
  3. Body paint models must be 18 years of age.
  4. You must be sober during gigs and maintain a professional and courteous attitude at all times with all vendors, clients and the public.
  5. No smoking/vaping for 2 hours prior to showtime

Preference given if any of the following are true:

  • You possess a professional resume as a performer, character actor/actress, or model
  • You have a promo video that I can use on the website to promote your services
  • You have professional experience as seamstress, headdress maker, costume maker
  • You consistently live on Maui full-time
  • You possess an exciting costume wardrobe and can contribute ready-to-go characters to our repertoire
  • You’ve been told repeatedly that you’re “great on stage / great stage presence / great entertainer / the life of the party”
  • You don’t smoke tobacco
  • You don’t abuse drugs or alcohol

Ideal candidates are people with enthusiasm, professionalism, team players who enjoy committing to a community and helping it grow. We welcome creativity, fresh ideas, and folks who truly enjoy the process of dressing up to entertain a crowd and understand the vibe necessary to “Dazzle—always!”

To be booked as a Champagne Showgirl, you may be required to possess a valid Maui County liquor server’s permit.

To be booked as a bodypaint model, you must try-out during an informal bodypaint day to ensure you feel solid in this role; bodypaint modeling can be extremely demanding and requires certain physical and social stamina.

Equal Opportunity Employer hiring people of all ages, shapes, sizes, orientations, etc.