Can you create characters to match our theme?

Absolutely! We love to create new costumes to match your party theme. We request 2-4 weeks lead time to create a new costume concept for your party theme. We do our best to accommodate shorter-notice requests as well but cannot guarantee custom themes with less than 2 weeks advance booking. Deposit required for custom costume development.

What is the maximum number of characters we can book?

Typically our maximum number of minglers is 6, though we will do our best to accommodate more minglers if requested. We request 2 weeks advance notice to reserve 4-6 characters and 1 week advance booking to request 1-3 characters.

What happens when Dazzle performers arrive for the gig?

Our team members will arrive early to check-in with the on-site manager. Dazzle Talent will always be professional and ready to perform as contracted.

Do you offer characters for full day events?

To keep our talent refreshed during events spanning over 2.5 hours, we rotate different characters throughout the event, so that performers have time to rest and maintain great energy for your guests. Due to this, longer events typically require a minimum of four performers.

Do you offer services for kids parties on Maui?

Yes we offer characters and party services for kids parties, baby luaus, etc. Visit the Maui Keiki Party page for details.

Do you have a cancellation fee?

We charge a 20% cancellation fee when a booked act is cancelled within 2 weeks of the event date. We appreciate your understanding.