TigerLily combines the elegant flow of dance with calculated technique across a wide array of props from simple palm torches and impressive fire fans to poi and rope dart.

Maui firedancer Tigerlily
Ignite your inspiration~

Performer Services:

  • Hula Hoops

  • Poi Balls

  • Palm Torches

  • Rope Dart

  • Dragon Staff

What’s all the Hoopla?¬†Whether it’s one hoop, doubles, or triples, you’ll see a wide range of fluid flow technique, tosses, and mind-blowing isolations and folds. TigerLily is a passionate flow performance artist and fire dancer whose impressive skills with hula hoops and poi only intensify as she lights ’em up with with fire!¬†You’ll love her flow – book her today for a solo, duet or group show!

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Tiger Twirls, burning bright circles of fire to your delight!