Welcome, SeaFire

maui fire dancer

Dazzle Welcomes SeaFire!

SeaFire will mesmerize your party guests with her fire tricks and aerial show! SeaFire’s vast and versatile skills allow her to shape-shift into multiple characters with ease during one performance. It is impossible to take your eyes off her while she’s dancing! She pairs impressive costumes with storytelling through dance featuring moves from various cultures: ballet, Balinese, Hawaiian, Tahitian, and Maori. SeaFire has made a name for herself throughout Hawaiʻi and is Maui’s only Aerial Angel.

This Maui fire performer’s bag of tricks include: fire poi balls, snake poi, meteor, fire nunchux, fire fingers, fire hoop and the fire orb. Alternative “glow shows” using light-up flow toys are available if your venue is not suitable for fire! Ask us for more info.